Your Nurse is probably a socialist

I know It sounds mean but it is most likely true. Almost every nurse I know believes in socialized healthcare. We talk about evidence-based practice, and how we model everything after the evidence (we don’t) yet these same nurses who claim to follow the evidence in their practice follow their emotions when it comes to healthcare.

I hear all the usual rhetoric from nurses that you would hear on MSNBC. Without it people would die, were the only industrialized nation that doesn’t have it, It is a right, those who don’t want it are heartless. Blah, Blah, Blah. I hear this ad naseum and when pressed, there is never any evidence. They don’t have any because there will never be any that shows that socialized health care has better outcomes than a free or mostly free market.

Now the issue here is that the United States do not have a free market nor a mostly free market in healthcare/insurance yet we don’t have the wait times. Our system is inefficient, but it isn’t government bureaucratic inefficient just yet. Although with the advent of ObamaCare and now TrumpCare, it will continue down the road to serfdom.

Most nurses, as a matter of their education, are taught the virtues of how a government run healthcare system is the best way to organize our societal healthcare needs. We are not taught the history of healthcare in this country. We are not taught how government intervention sought to solve a nonproblem or how government intervention begets more intervention and more problems. We are not taught how before our heavily government regulated health industry there were brother and sisterhoods, charities, lodges, churches and other ways people received healthcare along with other benefits such as unemployment and such. People were not dying in the streets. There were no mass deaths caused by a lack of medical care. We were taught that we need to have a centralized bureaucracy to run our healthcare system because that is what works…….with no evidence given. Questioning this, as I did in school, will get you singled out by your instructors. I found that out when I questioned the need for a government-run health system as well as why the teacher was advocating for more jail time for marijuana users.

What has happened is distortions in the market caused by government intervention. Doctors used to be able to make house calls, have lower patient loads, less stress. Now the average family physician has 2000-25000 patients. If we take a look at a less regulated aspect of the market, Direct Primary Care physicians we can see that cost is less, competition is more, and the value you get is much more. These doctors typically have 400-600 patients they do not accept insurance and the value they provide to their patients exceeds those doctors who accept insurance. My direct primary care doctor even makes house calls and my last prescription of anti-inflammatories cost me 7 cents for a 90 day supply. That is a free market value, not government run bureaucracy.

These nurses complain about our capitalistic hospitals and how they screw over patients yet a study shows only 10 percent of hospitals in 1992 were privately owned while the rest were government run. Even the privately run hospitals are heavily regulated, you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. What these nurses are complaining about is the system they advocate, the biggest difference being that the hospitals and doctors get paid by the insurance companies based on the regulations the government set up rather than straight from the treasury itself.

With all the negatives these nurses see, they fail to look at what the real problem is seeing only the symptoms and misdiagnosing what the real issue is. Discarding evidence for a reliance on emotional arguments and misguided notions of justice. Being a nurse in the midst of a sea of socialist loving nurses isn’t easy but I try to convert them one at a time.

What do you guys think? Should we move to a more socialized healthcare system or move toward a free market? Are you a nurse? Do you see the love of socialism in the field?

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