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Connor Boyack Tuttle Twins The Law

Tuttle Twins The Law Cover

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The Tuttle Twins: The Law

It isn’t easy to find a liberty themed book that younger kids can appreciate. Connor Boyack, the author of the Tuttle Twins series, has done a remarkable job at taking a liberty classic, The Law, and making it accessible to children. At the end of this review you will find a Tuttle Twins coupon code to use for 25% off.  Connor also runs the

Connor also runs the Libertas Institute in Utah. A non-profit think tank that fights for the rights of the citizens in Utah.

A little background.

When we first received The Law, we bought the three that were available, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Since we also got the activity PDF files you can download for the kids as well. Tom Woods had mentioned it on his podcast but that was really it. The book is 41 pages long with wonderful illustrations by Elijah Stanfield that really captured the attention of my three-year-old. The book is marketed for those older than that, usually 6-12, but I took the chance that my little one would like it. We have had it for a few months and Isaiah, my three-year-old likes to have it read to him a few times a week. He actually prefers the creature from Jekyll Island over this one.

What about the Story?

Tuttle Twins The Law Illustration

Illustration In the Book

The book introduces the main characters, the Tuttle Twins in a classroom setting getting instruction on finding someone with wisdom. Ethan and Emily, the names of the Tuttle Twins, immediately think of their neighbor Fred. The Story goes on to weave from the Twins house to Fred’s library, garden, and pantry. He explains to the twins about what the government is supposed to be and do and what it cannot do. It takes a complex subject and breaks it down to principles. Isaiah, my son, loves the part where Ethan exclaims ” stealing is always wrong no matter what”. The children learn what rights are and why governments are formed and that sometimes bad people end up in government. This comes as a shock to the Twins. These concepts are not completely explained but the book does lay down the basic principles that parents and the children can build on.

What did Isaiah Like?

Bastiat The Law

Isaiah really liked the illustrations of the book. They are detailed and look fantastic. He seemed to identify with the twins, even marching around and impersonating scenes from the book. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the fact that he also loved the tree house the Twins have, which he wants me to build for him now (don’t tell him but he will have to wait till after the move).

He also liked the way the book allowed me to get animated when I read it. I tend to read in different voices for the different characters and this allowed me to do that. One of his favorite things is the book The Law that came with the book, it is drawn in the book exactly how the real cover is and he has to go get it when we read it. He brings it out yelling “The Law” and trying to say the author’s name, although never really getting it right!

What Do I like?

The illustrations, the keep Isaiah’s attention and that is important. Three-year-olds have a short attention span and this was able to hold it. The length of the book is good, probably better for older children but I can usually read it all in one sitting with Isaiah. Fred, I like him, it is nice to see a neighbor relationship played out like it is in the book. Where we live, there isn’t much of that. The workbook PDF’s are great as well. They take the story and extend it by giving the kids something else to make the story real. I am a big proponent of adding more of the senses when learning and being able to read and color the characters does that. Another big thing is that it is a series. We will get to follow along while the Tuttle Twins learn other liberty principles as well. This continuity is great because Isaiah can learn and grow with familiar characters.

Tuttle Twins Review Discount code

Cover of The Tuttle Twins Learn about The Law Activity book!

Critical Thoughts.

It can seem like a lecture at points, especially when the kids whip out a notebook to take notes from Fred. That is my only real complaint.

Would I recommend it?

This is a definite yes! I would recommend this to whoever is looking for a book to distil the basic principles of liberty from a classic like Bastiat’s The Law.


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Connor Boyack talking about the Tuttle Twins on the Tom Woods Show.

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I hope you enjoyed this book review and watch for more.

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