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Why being healthy is important to liberty?

Being healthy allows you to focus on bringing about liberty. It allows you to foster liberty in your life in an unfree world. When arguing with liberals and neoconservatives it can really drain your energy, being healthy can give you the endurance to do so. Kidding aside, being healthy allows you to enjoy the liberty that you hold dearly. I know for me, it helps give me a clearer head. While I am not where exactly where I want to be health wise, it gives me a way to relieve stress and actually gets our family together.

We don’t “exercise” in the conventional sense, we get outside and move! We try to move out in nature as often as possible. We don’t go to a gym or go jogging. We get out in nature and we move, we climb trees, hike barefoot, play in streams, bear crawl, jump, run across fallen logs and more. While this “work out” is not liberty, it helps me and my family enjoy it. I find that doing these things in nature is liberating in itself! Thats not to say that we don’t often break rules by playing in a stream we are not supposed to or going off of a hiking trail when the county or state park service puts signage up against it.

Being healthy allows my family and I to enjoy everyday. It allows my wife and I to have the energy to deal with two high octane children and help instill in them the principles of liberty. Being healthy allows us to not have to go into these heavily regulated government hospitals, and allows us to go see our direct primary care doctor here is a map of DPC providers. It allows us to have just catastrophic insurance rather than this crap the government mandates. It has lowered our risk for many diseases and allows us to enjoy the life we live.

To me, health is an intrugal part of the fight for liberty as well as to enjoy it. Now that I am getting older, nearing my 30’s now, I find that it is even more important. The natural vitality of my teens and early twenties has waned since I had stopped taking my health so seriously. Getting outside in nature, moving, running, playing, has brought back that young feeling. It has given me clarity in thought as well as a decrease in my stress. My wife and kids are happier as I have gotten my energy back. It has also allowed me more time to read as well. Sounds weird, more time outside playing has given me more time to read? Yup, given extra focus clarity, I have been more productive. More time to read, write, and discuss the ideas of liberty as well as guide my children in their learning.

As a libertarian I hear the argument that we see the world as atoms. I don’t see it that way, everything is connected, and I see health as an intrugal part of enjoying and increasing liberty!

How about you guys? Do you see health as an intrugal part of liberty? Comment below!

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