Homeschooling when you have no time

I have been in several discussions lately regarding homeschooling and the inability of some parents to do it. In these discussions, I found two main objections to why parents cannot homeschool their children. The two reasons were that it was too expensive, I tackled that objection in a previous article on how you can homeschool on the cheap. The second main objection is that it isn’t feasible since the parents either have to work or do not have the time. Let’s try and tackle the second reason today. I will be up front right now, not everyone will be able to apply these and there is no way I can say that everyone can homeschool, but there are ways to make it work most of the time.
It seems that one of the biggest issues is that new homeschooling parents think their kids need to be homeschooled 8 hours a day 5 days a week like the kids in public schools. This isn’t true, structured homeschooling can take place in at least half of that time if not less. It doesn’t have to be during “regular” school hours at all. I knew several families in Kansas that homeschooled their children at nights and on the weekends. This worked for their schedule best and the kids enjoyed it. They had an advantage of having a grandmother that stayed with them to watch the children during the day.

I hear the objections already and I know not everybody has this option, however, if you do have friends or family that live nearby ask them if they can watch your children during the day. Other types of child care are available as well but I find that when someone is in this situation, wanting to homeschool but yet has to work full time, not a lot of money can be spent on child care.I have found that some churches offer decreased rates for child care or maybe a church member would watch your child for you during the day. I have a friend in Alabama who didn’t want her child in public schools so she

I have a friend in Alabama who didn’t want her child in public schools so she has a friend of her’s watch and actually homeschool her child during the day. This works well for her, she works 6 days a week and while her friend schools her child during the week, she does it on the nights and Sunday.

Another option for some is having alternating shifts with their spouse. This allows one parent to be home all the time to school the child. Now a word of warning, this can be tough on a marriage but if you think you can make it work, it is an option albeit not an ideal one.

Another idea is to do a homeschooling co-op and have alternating days on who teaches the little monsters on what day. This isn’t ideal because you won’t have 100% control of what your child learns but it gives you much greater control than public schools ever could.

If you have the option and flexibility, you could bring your child to work with you. While this isn’t ideal, admittedly none of these are, it would be a good way to stay on top of what your child is working on and still be able to give feedback and help if needed. The child wouldn’t be home alone all day and you can still work. On a similar note, some workplaces offer discounts on child care or even a striped. You could take advantage of that and homeschool on nights and weekends if possible.

Talk to your manager or boss and see if you can telecommute all or some of your days. Many companies are now offering these options and even if some don’t, it never hurts to ask if you can. This would allow you to be home to help the child with homeschooling and still work. It gives you flexibility as long as you get your work done.

What about after schooling? Your child can go to school and when they get home you can homeschool them. It is a unique offshoot of the homeschooling community. This is probably one of my least favorite options but to be thorough I need to add it.

Make cuts in your bills so you can work less or you or your spouse can quite one job. This will free up a parent and allow them to stay home and school the children. I know it is scary, nobody likes the unknown but if you are dedicated to homeschooling you need to look at all options and lowering the amount of your bills lowers the amount of income you need. Couple that with my guide on how to homeschool on the cheap. Couple that with my free courses page and economics page and you are good to go on the homeschooling front.

This one is drastic. Find a better paying job or better yet, start a work from home business. These two options give you great flexibility in homeschooling and will get you where you want. Once again they are not easy since there is that fear of the unknown but if you’re willing to put everything towards homeschooling your children then this is one of the best options.

The ideas and links in this post are the tools to get you from not knowing if you can homeschool to knocking down the objections and homeschooling your children. Don’t let the idea of you can’t or you don’t have the time or the money for homeschooling stop you. You can, you just have to find the right mix of time, money managment, and support that will allow you to do so. These tools and ideas can only help you find a way, you have to go and do it.

If you just generally need help organizing so you can homeschool, try using homeschool tracker to keep track of all your homeschooling needs

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