A Quick Guide to Homeschool Cheap or Free

Do you want your homeschool money to go farther? Here is the guide for you!

I was involved in a conversation this morning on Facebook with a friend on how to start homeschooling cheaply. It can be difficult to start homeschooling when you do not have much money but you can do it.  This got me thinking of all the ways you can homeschool your children for cheap or even free!

To begin, this list will not be an all-inclusive list but a quick guide that I will add on to as I find more resources. I will have links to what I am I mention during this post as well.
One of the most expensive things a homeschool family can do is purchase a curriculum. They can be pretty expensive and a lot of families spend a ton of money on different curriculums that they only partially use or don’t like and they just get rid of them. Don’t spend full price if you don’t have to. Purchasing used can save you a lot of money. There are many websites that offer used curriculums like homeschooledclassifieds.com, homeschooltrader, and edacccents.com. There is one aimed at vegetarians that also homeschool called vegesource.com. There is even a yahoo group you can join here for used curricula. You can save some good money with these but let’s not forget those wonderful facebook groups for used stuff here are a few for you to check out here, here, here, here, and here. Some of them have cheap homeschool curriculum packages while others have just pieces of different curriculums to offer. You can also check out local homeschool groups, there might be some on yahoo groups, facebook or you might find information on them at your local library. Here is a link to get you started finding local groups. Lots of choices here for used homeschooling curricula and more!

Speaking of libraries above, they can be a great resource for you to use. As a matter of fact, you can homeschool nearly free with just a library card! Don’t believe me, here is one mother who does just that. You can find books on everything that you and your kids are looking for, get on the internet, find documentaries on many things and they usually have community events you can signup for and participate in such as reading time for younger kids or movie viewings for older kids. Our local library allows use to get discounts to some of the museums around here which make it worth it for us to have one. If, like me, you are a libertarian they are already taking your taxes for this service so use it since you paid or are paying for it. They can be your number one resource for homeschooling on a budget.
I mentioned the internet above, this leads me to the next big money saver, the internet itself and certain websites specifically.

There are many resources on the internet that I don’t think I could list them all here but I will list the best ones. The big one being Khan Academy. It is free and pretty useful. I used it to help me learn college algebra when I was testing into college. For little kids there is Starfall. This website has some free content and the rest is paid. It is a small fee for the paid content but I believe it is worth it. It helped our son learn to read. It has anything from letters, letter sounds, learning to read, math facts and more. It is a great resource. There is another place called Reading Bear, I haven’t used it but hear good things about it and it looks to be free. Does a free curriculum sound good to you? You can find one at allinone.com. Some say it is a bit light but you can supplement with other pieces as well. Here are some mo

Here are some more free homeschool programs online : Ambleside, Old-fashioned education, Mater AmabilisSas Curriculum, CK12, and Hippo Campus. Want audio books for free for your child? There is Librivox, these are books that are in the public domain and are easily downloadable. We can’t have the internet without being able to use youtube to help homeschool. Here is a list of 13 channels on youtube, here is one for the older homeschooled child. Here is a giant list of youtube channels. Let’s not forget that there is a facebook group for homeschooling using youtube just in case you need some help. Here is a group that also uses Roku, Amazon, and Netflix on top of youtube. You can also get unlimited Kindle books ( over one million titles ) if you subscribe to Kindle Unlimited.

Another resource that is overlooked is friends and family. They may have books and knowledge that you may not know they have. They can also help out if you are busy. If you have friends or family that homeschool as well you can swap books, curricula, go on group outings and more to save money.

My favorite way to let kids learn is to be outside in nature. There are so many things children can learn about themselves as well as the world by being outside that I advocate it often and loudly at times. This allows kids to experience the world, let’s them push limits, test themselves, and lets you use that knowledge that you have that you may have forgotten about to impart it to your children. I found that I was able to talk to my son about snails, worms, deer, caterpillars, spiders, moss, trees, and the wind all by going on a family hike. The best resource for your child and the one that costs nothing to use is you. You are your child’s best resource the one that will give the child the most knowledge even without trying. Be mindful and impart what you know to your child.

So what else do I have for this post? A few more links for you guys! Here is a link to a great resource to older political writings that are still relevant today. It’s the liberty fund, they have a wide array of writings that your older children may find interesting.

Tom Woods Libertyclassroom.com. Tom has given me some coupon codes if you want, for the basic use code MYBASIC. For the basic plus membership use MYPLUS and for the mastery level use MASTERY. The discount varies from 15 dollars for the basic to 100 for the mastery level.

Another source is the Tuttle Twins book at tuttletwins.com. Use coupon code PARENT for 25% off. These books teach about liberty and liberty principles. My son loves them!

The Ron Paul Curriculum is good as well. I know several people who use it and they love it. I plan on using it as a supplement to what my wife and I are doing. you can find it here Ronpaulcurriculum.com

I also have a resource page for learning Austrian economics Here.

Here is a link to a list of free courses, mostly for Junior High and Highschool age children. It looks like a small list but they are links to much bigger lists. You can find it Here on my resource page.

If you would like your children would like to learn Spanish or another language you can check out Rocketlanguages.com. Use Coupon Code LIBERTY60 for 60% off

The Mises Institute is a great resource as well. They have free ebooks and audio books. If you really want your kids to dive into the revolution I suggest Murry Rothbard’s Conceived in Liberty. If you are so inclined as to purchase one of the many books in their store, use coupon code LIBERTYPARENT at checkout for 15% off.

A quick list of the links provided:




Used homeschool curriculum yahoo group

Facebook Groups:

Used homeschooling curriculum facebook group

Used homeschooling books facebook group

Buy Sell Curriculum facebook group

Homeschooling buy sell Facebook

Buy sell trade homeschooling Facebook

Online Resources:

Khan Academy


Reading Bear

Online Free Curricula:



Old-fashioned education

Mater Amabilis

Sas Curriculum


Hippo Campus

Mep Math

Discount Curricula:


Free Audio Books:


Youtube Resources:

13 youtube channels for homeschoolers

Mega list of youtube channels

Tom Woods



Extra Stuff:

Liberty Fund




Learn Austrian Economics

Free Courses


Mises Institute

Mises Store

Conceived in Liberty

Updated and added:

Free Health Lessons 


K5 Learning

Free Deals


Hands on Banking

Money Instructor  

Practical Money Skills

NetSmartz –

Just Sheet Music

Virtual Sheet Music 

27 FREE Science DVD’s

FREE Online Sign Language Classes

FREE Online First Aid Class

10 Tips for Homeschooling on a Budget

FREE Kids Money Games

13 more ways to score free homeschooling curriculum

200 FREE Educational Resources from Open Culture

FREE Resources and Lesson Plans on Environmental Health from the EPA

FREE Booklets, posters and more on different topics from the US Dept of Education.

NASA Kids Club

FREE Classroom Resources from the CDC

Free Dog Safety Checklist from the American Kennel Club

Free lesson plans and unit studies from Scholastic

Free Lesson plans from Discovery Education 

Free Civics Lesson Plans

Free Bible Lesson Plans (these are geared toward younger kids)

FREE Lesson Plans from PBS 

Free Lesson Plans from Wolfram Alpha

Free Lessons from the Bill of Rights Institute 

Free Poetry Lesson Plans from Poets.org

FREE Civil War Curriculum 

Free Astronomy Curriculum

Free Engineering Lesson Plans and Curriculum 

Free Lesson Plans on many different topics (history, money, art, science, government, safety, etc)

Free Wildlife Lesson Plans from the World Wildlife Federation

Free Homeschooling Planning Forms

Free Tech lessons from Google (use the drop down menu to sort)

Free Classical Music Lessons for kids

Free lessons on Colonial Williamsburg

Free Safe Internet Surfing for Kids curriculum 

Free Curriculum on Water 

Free Nutrition Games and Lesson Plans (they also have one on gardening)

Free MLK Jr. Lesson Plan

Free ESL lesson plans

Free Biology Lesson Plans

Free Art Lessons and projects

Free Mystery Lesson plans – for critical thinking

Free Teacher Resources from the Library of Congress

Free Energy Consumption Lesson Plans

Free Health Lesson Plans

Free Complete Curriculum from Easy Peasy All in One

Free Polar Bear Unit & Lessons

Free Preschool Halloween Pack

Free Farm Animals Puzzles Preschool Worksheets

Free Construction Themed Math and Literacy Worksheets

The Boys’ Life of Abraham Lincoln Free Audiobook 

Free Anatomy & Physiology Unit Studies

Millions of free books, videos, recordings and more from Archive.org

Free Endangered Species Coloring Book

Free Geography Quizzes

Free Art Lessons, Posters, Projects and More


You can also find some great resources on our free courses page as well as our Economics page!

If you have more resources that I can add to this post please let me know.

How do you keep things cheap as you homeschool your children? Post in the comments, and don’t forget to subscribe to my page. If you found this article helpful, please share!


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