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Recommended books of the month

Philosophy- Elementary lessons in logic. W. Stanley Jevons

History- The politically correct guide to American History. Tom Woods

Economics- Choice, by Robert P. Murphy. This is a distillation of Mises Human Action

Schooling- Passion-driven education, by Connor Boyack

Health- The 4-hour body. It is a decent book, don't let the title fool you. Tim Ferris

Children's book- Tuttle Twins The law. Connor Boyack

About Us

Welcome to The Liberty Parent! I thank you for your interest in the website, blog, and soon to be podcast. This site is about anything regarding liberty and parenting, and when the two cross paths, both liberty, and parenting!  The parenting, I am sure, will be controversial, eye-opening, refreshing, and new to some while being old news to some. I hope it stimulates thought and conversation, not only on this page but in your lives as well.

My name is Shawn, I am the owner of this website, blog, podcast. I run it with my wife, Susie, who is my rock and who I bounce my ideas off of. We have two children, Isaiah and Illiana. These two handfuls keep us pretty busy. Susie is a stay-at-home mother who works harder than I do and I am a nurse who is still going to college to get more degrees. On my own, I have studied Austrian economics, libertarian theory, logic, philosophy, and political philosophy. This is with the help of the Mises Institute as well.

I will be having guest contributors as well. Their viewpoints are wholly their own and do not necessarily reflect the viewpoint of this website nor its owner. If you would like to contribute an article, you can do so by sending it to Shawn@thelibertyparent.com. We do accept submissions and we post them with full credit to the original author. I hope you enjoy the website and thank you for visiting.